Ata, sulorsimavutit Well, now you have again relieved yourself in your trousers
Qujanaq thank you
qajara iluarsaratdlardlara let me first arrange my kayak.
aipalingiagpoq does not like raw food
agssior poq makes soup of dried blood
nivgornerqutigssag something to take away the taste of fish
sungarnit the intestines of the ptarmigan
nkagtorpa pulls at it repeatedly with his teeth
orssunguvoq feels sick from having eaten too much blubber
panik sister
kangunartuliorpoq And like a shithouse door in the wind, at that.
putuva looks at him stiffly so as to make him confused
arferup anernera the breath of the whale
qavak Man from the south. Frequently used to denote stupidity
Suingne How it smells of foxes here
pugtarpoq leaps from one iceberg to another
Nigsagpatdlagtoqangilaq not a sound is heard
pingortorpoq unlucky in throwing the harpoon
siko ice
There is no word for this in the Inuit dictionary