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This week's front page graphic and colour scheme come from the tiny rivulet that becomes the river Sava, before it flows into Lake Bohinj, in Slovenia, photographed in late December. There'll be somethign more springlike when I have caught a few trout. Conde Nast Traveller paid for that trip. The rollover (portrait of the artist as a decaffeinated suicide bomber) was done by my daughter Rosamond.

The silly pictures sprinkled about the place came, I think, from Jef Poskanzer's site in about 1998. I wrote almost all the 500,000 words on this site, and their copyright is mine. The HTML was done with Homesite and Ultraedit; the CSS stuff with the truly wonderful TopStyle, and the scripts for housekeeping and to convert Word documents in bulk to templated HTML were all done in Python. Some of the earlier conversions were done using Coalan MacNamara's Linux library, Wordview.

This site is made in the USA by illegal immigrants
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And, above all, the take-home message from this dynamic thrusting new media conglomerate:

Thanks to our gullible customers for making us rich.
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