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This is a tiny selection of stuff I liked when I first wrote this site. Eventually the searchable section in the next frame will link to everything I have written in the last five or six years, which — if nothing else — makes a useful cuttings library for my use when I'm travelling. To put it another way: most journalism involves the recycling of garbage. Here's mine.

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The search words recorded in my web logs are an interesting example of apparent design from randomness. They aren't quite the results of a hurricane in a junkyard. They are more like the results of a toddler sneezing in a box of lego. Here some recent fragments from searches that hit the blog ...

   6: found poetry
   2: shankill butchers
   2: top gear theme tune
   2: dirtiest joke
   2: shankill road butchers
   1: green snot
   1: bishop nigel mccullough
   1: madplayer
   1: paying some extra money and let the laundrette shop wash the clothes
   1: thucydides and us invasion of iraq

An energetic person would turn these into google links, but I haven't even put up many of the Guardian profiles yet.

Onward, Christian soldiers

  1. Bats or hashish, vicar?
  2. Blasphemy against football
  3. Westminster abbey, Good Fry Day
  4. Love all over: Carey and cathedrals
  5. Westminster Abbey: the lid comes off
  6. A Secret sect of Transsexual priests
  7. Pope turns on Liberal Catholics (the repressed ones get Ann Widdecombe)
  8. Intelligible bishop found, well, almost.
  9. Diana offers grace; 21 civilisations die
  10. Muslim vigilantes
  11. Polygamy and bar codes
  12. Macclesfield man feared dead
  13. CEO, GodCo, speaks
  14. At least Diana never slept with women
  15. Dirty rabbi story
  16. He remained celibate
  17. Reengineering the corporate image
  18. How Christians really love each other (libel lawyers off)

Independent clips

  1. Diary from a provincial clock shop
  2. Original sin and copycat journalism
  3. Genes made me do this one
  4. Science and the Soul
  5. Snobbery
  6. Whither God
  7. See how these Christians love one another
  8. Reflections in a lunatic asylum (libel lawyers off)
  9. A martyrdom

Longer essays, Wired, Granta; some lectures and talks

Guariand long profiles

Brian Aldiss
Stewart Brand
Tam Dalyell
Steve Rose
Eva Hoffman
Evelyn Fox Keller
Mary Midgley
more to come

Guardian short things andrew prescott
andy goldberg
carolyn cassady
chris rofe
christina rees
colin roberts
di pyper
eamon duffy
eileen barker
elspeth garman
eric kemp
ewan birney
guy herbert
helen gilbart
helen haste
john appleby for other people
john browning
john nunneley
joyce dsilva
lesley chamberlain
margaret and arthur wynn
marianne buus
martha wainwright
matthew parris
may steel
mike chapman
monica mason
pat wall
peter brand
peter dickinson
peter jenkinson
richard kirker
rm stallman
ross anderson
steve grand
sue day

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